Toronto Musician Makes Waves to Raise Awareness for Mental Health

For decades now, mental health has been a controversial topic that we have been trained to keep quiet about and sweep under the rug. Now that it’s 2020, more and more people are taking back their power by normalizing openly talking about mental health and the importance of prioritizing it. One of these motivated individuals is Alex Southey, 26, a Toronto-based indie-folk musician.

As someone who has personally struggled with mental health as a young person in this modern world, Southey decided to make some moves and shine a light on a common issue he was noticing more frequently. He hopped on RedPine to organize a series of shows with other local artists to raise awareness for mental health. Together, the events make up the #DayLikeItsNightTour, which will be the young artist’s first tour ever. The name of the tour is “a reference to how it feels to be depressed and struggle with mental health,” Southey said.

The proceeds from the tour will be donated to the Centre for Addiction and Men…

Interview with I, The Mountain: Touring, New Album, & Advice for Smaller Bands

There’s nothing better than a small band making big moves, and that’s exactly what I, the Mountain is conquering in the Canadian music scene. Not only did they just get back from a successful 25-show tour, but they are also releasing a new album in April 2020. The cherry on top is that they scored an opening spot for The Strumbellas at The Phoenix Concert Theatre on January 25 alongside The Darcys. With all of these impressive stepping stones, the band is clearly on the road to success.

With great curiosity, we wanted to dive in and learn more about how they operate as a band and what touring was like for them. We also asked if they had any advice for smaller bands, and boy, did Matt Lamers, lead vocalist, deliver.

The band started out as a trio in Peterborough in 2012, but they then added two new faces and grew into an abundant quintet now based in Kitchener. The original three were all named Matthew, so you can imagine that it got confusing at times. Lamers told us about…